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Applying some padding to cushion the area or using a waterproof plaster can help. Blisters will normally clear up themselves within three to seven days.

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Blisters can become a more serious concern if someone has diabetes and may not heal so easily, so it is important that they see a podiatrist for advice. Verrucae are plantar warts that commonly occur on the soles of the feet or around the toe area. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus HPV , which is highly contagious through direct person-to-person contact.

They should clear up of their own accord within six months. In painful cases, if they have been present for longer than six months, or if they are spreading, it is worth visiting a podiatrist. Many people suffer from foot perspiration and odour from time to time, yet, for some, sweaty feet are a persistent problem which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

The exact cause is unknown but is mainly due to overactive sweat glands.

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Healthy, Happy Feet

In some cases, the cause can be genetic. It is advised that you wear well-fitted shoes to allow feet to breathe, that feet are washed with antibacterial soap regularly and to wear socks made from natural fibres. It is also a good idea to alternate your shoes to allow them to dry out after each wear.

For more serious cases where normal foot care is not effective, your doctor may refer you for Iontophoresis electrical stimulation and Botullinum toxin injections botox. Anyone experiencing frequent and ongoing pain or aching in their feet is advised to see a podiatrist to have this investigated properly. It is not normal to experience frequent foot pain and may be indicative of an underlying issue that needs treating.

Visit the College of Podiatry website at scpod. Genius travel hack shows travellers how to get more out of their hotel. Latest Stories. Olivia Colman is making an unexpected career change following her role in The Crown.

Then consider one or more of these great foot care recipes! Natural salts and fine ground pumice exfoliate dead skin cells and rough calluses while gentle kaolin clay helps to detox skin. In addition it also contains cocoa butter, sunflower oil and pomegranate seed oil. Made using intensely moisturizing walnut oil, soothing Epsom salt, and cooling essential oils this soothing foot soak recipe is your answer to overworked and tired feet! Simply add to warm water and soak, then follow with a loofah or pumice stone and your favorite natural foot cream or moisturizer.

Fine ground pumice and walnut shell powder lend their supercharged exfoliating properties, while sea salt and tea tree oil lend their healing qualities. It exfoliates with natural walnut shell powder and fine ground pumice to help keep feet smooth and soft. This soap is perfect for skin care use year round for a more beautiful you! Just melt, pour and mix ingredients for a foaming salt scrub that gently exfoliates as it lathers and cleanses like soap! Perfect for hands, body and lips, this lavender mint balm is made from natural lavender and mint infused oil and raw, unfiltered beeswax.

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Research, research, research is the best first step to getting started in soapmaking. In addition to online soapmaking tutorials , a collection of good soapmaking books can go a long way to providing more in depth information on the chemistry of soapmaking that will assist you moving forward to both more complex recipes as well as getting started creating your own custom homemade soap recipes. In addition, after reading this book, Anne will personally answer questions you may have on soapmaking on her website.

As with most books, the kindle versions of these books, if available, are significantly cheaper in most cases than the paper version. Or discover a plethora of homemade soap recipes on my Simply Soapmaking Pinterest board. However, the result is a beautiful and highly pigmented cream eyeshadow that glides on smooth and provides lasting results. Presented are three simple homemade skin recipes for creating your own natural salve, homemade body butter and exfoliating sugar scrub.

Ways to Pamper Your Tootsies

You can also get a prescription for Nuvail, a new FDA-approved polyurethane-like coating that goes on clear and protects your nails from damage like weatherproofing a deck. It will take about six months for the nail to fully grow out. Shoes provide an ideal environment for foot fungi: warm, dark, dank.

Take care of your tootsies to get them freshened up and sandal-ready.

So despite careful flip-flop wearing in the showers at the gym, you got a fungus. It happens. Shoes, Shavelson explains, provide an ideal environment for fungi: warm, dark, dank. Most antifungal creams for athlete's foot don't work against toenail fungus.

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Or sit them out all day in sunlight, which helps kill fungal spores. Spray the inside of the shoes with alcohol or a disinfectant once or twice a week, being sure to get all the way into the toe box. If you've had athlete's foot before, you're probably less resistant to it, so prevention is key. Make your shoes inhospitable to fungus by cutting down on moisture: Keep your shoes dry and powder your feet daily. More From YouBeauty. Main Menu.

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